RMS Olympic
The Original Ship of Dreams

"The Titanic was a duplicate of the Olympic"
US Senate Inquiry into the loss of the Titanic, 1912

I'm progressively putting up pages displaying  artefacts that are known to survive of the nearly identical sistership of the Titanic, the Olympic which was broken up for scrap in Jarrow-on-Tyne in 1935. I have created a Twitter account for updates.

  In 2012, I was approached by a husband and wife with a significant section of panelling from the A la Carte Restaurant in their beautiful home. He is now holding Titanic themed meals at his house. Please visit www.lastdinneronthetitanic.com for details.

I can be contacted on email [email protected] or
phone +44 (0)7882 527882 if you would like any more information about this site or would like me to give a talk about the Olympic or the Titanic.

First Class Stateroom C-82
The First Class Smoking Room Parlour Suite Sitting Room C-62

The A La Carte Restaurant 
The Grand Staircases
The Second Class Library

First Class Stateroom C-86
First Class Stateroom C-64
First Class Stateroom C-65

The First Class Lounge

I plan to create more pages in the near  future on:

Modern Style First Class Staterooms
Miscellaneous First Class Items (Including the Dining Room)
Miscellaneous Second Class Items (including the Dining Room, Smoking Room, stairs and elevator)
Deck Items including life rings, benches and navigation lights.

Please get in touch if you have any comments or questons.