First Class Stateroom C-64 (Adam Room)

First Class Staterooms

C-64: Adam Room

Stateroom C-64 was one of the bedrooms that made up the Port Side Parlour Suite on Shelter Deck 'C'.
It is pictured below during the Olympic's fitting out in Belfast in 1911.

Acclaimed Olympic class researcher and author Daniel Klistorner has pointed out that the above photograph has often been mis-identified as a being of a first class corridor, due to the lack of furniture and wall decoration and the solitary 100 volt heater.

The open door shows a glimpse of the bathroom and water closet for the suite. Even in first class in 1911, a seven day ocean voyage with an en suite bathroom was considered a luxury. The door on the left would have led to the wardrobe room for the suite which was suitably spacious for a wealthy couple's morning, day and evening wear and for their valet or maid to enter and arrange as required. 

Three doors came with the panelling to Stateroom c-62 when it was purchased by Harry Hutton of the Marquis of Granby Hotel at Jarrow in 1935. Two of them were sandwiched together to form a windbreak in the lobby of the Marquis of Granby Hotel.

When the two doors were separated following the hotel's then owner's decision to sell in 1999 after more than sixty-four years, it was found that one was the door that led out to the corridor as it was plain and had the outline of the brass numberplate at its top.

The other door, shown below, was the dividing door between the sitting room C-62 and the neighbouring bedroom, C-64. It was found that the Adam design of the door was still to be seen on it.

This is the only know surviving relic of Stateroom C-64. It was a door that would have been on the opposite side of the room from the two doors seen above and led to stateroom C-62


 Notice the outline of the lock on the left side. Compare it with one fitted to a cabin door at the Haltwhistle factory.

Thanks to Dr Damian Gardner-Thorpe, who is the proud owner of this part of the Olympic's anatomy, for the photos he sent me in 2000 (right) and 2012 (left).

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